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The Earigate spray has proved great success with my clients and performs as described, irrigates the wax out of the ear canal with a minimum of spray residue left behind, leaving the ear feeling clear but drier than previously used sprays

DigiClear Hearing Aids

I have used eseller2u on three occasions now and am really impressed with the speed of their delivery (including over the busy Christmas period).


Aquis Lisse Hair Towel - White Great product. Does dry hair well, but I think I expected it to be drier than it was. I have processed hair though, so it may be my hair type causing the problem. Handy to have a towel that my husband and son know is just for my hair though.

Claire Smyth

Velvotan - there the best things every invented the back one is so amazing i suggest you all by them:)

Charlotte Horsfield